Memorials, Memorial Plaques and Commemorative Plaques

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Engraved Plaques : Full Colour Memorials :  Wooden Crosses :  Woodland Memorials :  Cemetery Memorials

Memorial Plaques and other Memorials made just the way you want them.

  • Large selection of materials - Bronze, brass, aluminium, zinc, granite, slate, wood, acrylic, corian ....
  • Designed to your specifications using hundred of fonts.
  • Images can also be included - thousands to choose from or use one of your own.


Engraved Memorial Plaques

We make a huge number of engraved plaques in all sizes and materials. Brass is very popular for memorial plaques and is available in three thicknesses: 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. It can be deep engraved and paint filled, scratch engraved, laser engraved or chemically etched. We will advise the best process for your plaque.

Other materials include black or dark bronze aluminium and acrylic laminate, both of which are excellent value for money. There is also stone-like corian and laser engraved stainless steel. More Information

Chemically etched memorial plaque

Cast Metal Commemorative Plaques

The crème de la crème of memorial plaques must be the premier range of cast bronze plaques. We do also have a value range of cast bronze memorials.


Other cast metals include cast aluminium and antique cast brass. All of the cast metal plaques are individually cast in the traditional way and really do look superb.


Although not cast we also have zinc signs with raised letters. These can be smaller than cast metal plaques and can also have full colour images.  More Information

Cast Bronze

Full Colour Memorials

Full colour memorials have become very popular in recent years. With the latest technology we are able to lock the image in a layer of anodised aluminium. This makes it tough and waterproof with a long life span.


They can also be made from frost proof, fade resistant Italian porcelain. Although not as tough as the aluminium it is a good value option. Both can be used alone or inset into wooden or corian plaque.    More Information

Full colour memorials


Wooden Ash Caskets

These wooden ash caskets are very well made and can be supplied in various sizes using oak or mahogany. They are available with or without engraved plaques. There are also choices for the plaques as well.  More Information



Ash Caskets


Wooden Crosses

Our carpenters make the wooden memorial crosses on site and although we have six standard sizes we can make them to your specifications using oak, sapele, iroko or balau.


They usually have the text and images laser engraved into the timber but can be left plain for a plaque.  More Information

Wooden Crosses

Wooden Memorial Plaques

We make beautiful wooden memorial plaques just the way you want them. They can be made to any size, almost any shape and in several different timbers. The lettering and images can be burnt into the wood with a laser or deep engraved with a CNC router on the larger memorials.  More Information

Wooden Memorial Plaque


Stone Memorials

Slate and granite are the tradition types of stone used for memorials. The slate is available in 12mm, 20mm, 30mm and 50mm thick and is cut to the size you require. The granite can be 12mm, 20mm or 30mm thick. The lettering can be just engraved or engraved and then painted. More Information

Stone memorials


Stone Like Corian

Corian looks and feels like stone but is actually a man made material using resin and stone dust. It is the perfect material for smaller memorials requiring small text or detailed images.
It is available in a variety of stone colours

Stone like corian plaques


Woodland Burial Memorials

Woodland burial sites often instead that the memorials are made completely from wood. We can even mount small plaques on posts using dowels instead of screws.

A number of different timbers can be used and for the lawn memorial we suggest balau which is very heavy, full of its own oil and lasts a very long time.  More Information

Woodland Memorials