Cast Metal Memorials made in Bronze and Aluminium

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Cast Metal Memorial Plaques

Cast Bronze Memorials:  Cast Aluminium Memorial Plaques: Cast Metal Plaques: Memorial Plaques with Raised Letters

Memorial Plaques made in Cast Metals

  • Beautiful and long lasting cast metal plaques made in bronze and aluminium.
  • Available with various colour backgrounds and in the case of hand painted, letters can also be painted.
  • All cast metal memorials have raised letters. Zinc plate also has raised letters plus more colour detail.

Cast Bronze Memorial Plaques


These are exceptionally well made and very handsome memorial plaques. They are cast in one piece in the foundry using very traditional methods. However we use computer technology to create the design from which the molds are made. The casting method itself has not changed since the bronze age! They are therefore created, using a meld of modern techniques and traditional skills.


The backgrounds look best when painted brown, green, black or blue, but can also be left unpainted.

Bronze Memorial Plaque

Cast Bronze Memorials - Value Range


We have a second range of bronze memorial plaques know as The Value Range of Cast Bronze Plaques. These are still made in the traditional way but are only available with the antique finish background colour.


These cast metal plaques are cast in batches so although cheaper you will have to wait longer for your plaque.

Value Bronze

Hand Painted Metal Memorial Plaques


These hand painted memorials are usually have black for the background colour. However we do have a range of other colours to choose from. The lettering can be painted the same as the background or in a contrasting colour.


They are available in three shapes and various sizes with a maximum of 100 letters on the plaque.



Hand Painted Metal Memorial Plaques

Aluminium Memorials

These are made in the same way as the premier range of bronze memorial plaques. Again they are exceptionally well made and use the same background colours as the cast bronze memorials.


It is however cheaper than cast bronze.

Aluminium Memorial Plaques

Zinc Plate - Raised Letters

These are not actually cast but the lettering is still raised so we have included them on this page. They can be made with very detailed full colour images along with the use of most fonts.


Zinc is a strong tough metal which does not rust or tarnish so ideal for memorial plaques.

Zinc olate with raised letters
We do our very best to make your Cast Metal Memorial just the way you want it!