Engraved Memorial Plaques

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Engraved Memorial Plaques

Engraved Memorials : Engraved Brass Plaques : Aluminium Memorial Plaques :  Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques

Engraved Plaques made in Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Acrylic and Corian

  • These engraved plaques can be cut to any size and are available with or without fixing holes.
  • Different materials for different situations - some maintenance free and some need polishing.
  • Choose from hundreds of fonts and tell us how you would like your engraved plaque to look.

Engraved Brass Plaques


Brass is the traditional material for engraved memorial plaques and we certainly do make a lot of them! It does have a disadvantage though - If you want to keep the polished brass look, it will need to be regularly polished.  It is however very beautiful and many don't regard the polishing as a chore.

The brass is available in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm and can be cut to any size. Brass is normally deep engraved and paint filled. However there are other techniques such as laser engraving for small text or chemical etching where several colours are required.

Engraved Brass Plaque

Anodised Aluminium


This is a good value, low maintenance material for memorial plaques. It is 1.5mm thick and available in several colours, although black and dark bronze are the most popular.


The engraving is done by laser which removes the anodised top layer to show the silver aluminium beneath. It is excellent for small plaques as the text can be small and the images, if required can include fine detail.

Black aluminium plaques

Engraved Acrylic


This is another good value low maintenance material. It is made up of two layers of different colour acrylics which have been laminated together. By lasering or engraving through top layer the black layer shows through.


The surface layer is available in a number of colours including brass effect and stainless steel effect which are the most popular for engraved memorials. They look beautiful when mounted on a black painted oak backing board.

Acrylic plaque

Stone Like Corian


Another modern material which is perfect for engraved memorial plaques. It is available in 6mm or 12mm thicknesses and a large variety of stone colours. It feels like stone because it is actually made from stone dust which has been bonded into sheets using resin.


These are tough long lasting plaques with virtually no maintenance. Once engraved the letters can be paint filled in several colours.  The plaques can be cut to almost any size from the very small to the very large.

Engraved Corian

Silver Aluminium


Not often used for engraved memorial plaques but it does have its place. Unlike brass aluminium does not need to be polished. It is also a much harder material and can not be easily scratched.


It is however only suitable for engraved plaques with lettering at least 10mm high.  Images can be used as long as there is no fine detail. The lettering can be paint filled in the standard colours.

Deep engraved silver aluminium

Stainless Steel


Stainless steel plaques are very tough and virtually maintenance free. The lettering is fixed to the plaque using a laser and is as tough as the plaque itself.


Small text, detailed images and even good quality black and white photos can be incorporated within the design.


These are only available in standard sizes however.


Stainless steel memorial plaque
We do our very best to make your Engraved Memorial Plaque just the way you want it!