Full Colour Memorial Plaques & Photo Memorials Stand Alone or set into Wood or Corian

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Wooden Plaques with Colour Inset : Full Colour Memorials : Photo Memorials : Corian Plaque with Colour Photo

Memorial Plaques made in Full Colour

  • Just send us a good digital photo and we will create a beautiful full colour photo memorial
  • These full colour photo memorials can be used on their own or set into stone-like corian, iroko or oak.
  • The images are fixed into Anodised Aluminium or Italian Porcelain - both frost proof & fade resistant

Anodised Aluminium Full Colour Memorials


These are exceptionally tough and strong full colour memorial plaques. The colour is locked into the anodised aluminium layer. It is both frost proof and fade resistant. Finally a vandal resistant lacquer is apply for further protection and a high gloss easy to clean finish.


Just send us the words and a good quality digital photo and we will create a beautiful full colour memorial.


They can be supplied as they are or mounted on a backing board. Tree stakes are also available.

Aluminium photo memorial

Italian Porcelain Photo Memorials


These are less expensive than the anodised aluminium photo memorial although being porcelain are not as tough. However they can be used outside. They are frost proof and fade resistant - the ceramic pigments have been fired in a kiln to almost 900 degrees.


The Italian Porcelain photo plaques are very beautiful and are often used for purposes other than memorials.


Porcelain photo memorial

Aluminium Photo Memorial in Corian Plaque


Corian is a wonderful material for memorial plaques. It feels very much like stone as it does contains stone dust. You can however engrave the lettering much smaller than you ever could on real stone.


The full colour anodised aluminium photo, set into the corian plaque adds a whole new dimension to the memorial plaque.


Corian is available in a number or stone like colours.

Full colour photo memorial

Metal Colour Memorial Plate set into Wood


Wood is a beautiful material for memorials and the addition of colour just adds that extra something. It brings the plaque to life.


We have a number of standard plaque sizes in ovals and rectangles but in reality we can make them any size you want.


A number of timbers are used. Oak is the most beautiful but Iroko or Opepe are full of their own oils and need less maintenance.

Wooden plaque with photo inset

Porcelain Photo Memorial on Corian Plaque


The porcelain photos are not square edged and so are not inset flush as the aluminium photos are. This dome effect adds another dimension to the memorial plaque.


The corian is available in lots of stone like colours and in either 12mm or 6mm plaques. These can be cut to any size and also most simple shapes.

Porcelain photo memorial set in corian plaque

Full Colour Porcelain Memorial on Wooden Plaque


These memorial plaques are ideal for fixing to a tree stake so can the be easily placed near a favourite plant or tree.


A variety of tree stakes are available depending on the situation.  These include handmade wrought iron, powder coated angle iron or wood to match the plaque itself.

Wooden plaque with ceramic photo


We do our very best to make your Full Colour Photo Memorial just the way you want it!