Wooden Memorial Crosses, Laser Engraved, Plain or with a Plaque

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Wooden Crosses

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Beautiful Wooden Crosses in Six Sizes

  • Made in three different woods - Oak, Iroko or Sapele - and in 6 sizes.
  • Lettering and images can be burnt into the wood using a laser engraving technique
  • Alternatively a plaque can be attached - this can be engraved, full colour or cast

Engraved Wooden Crosses


These are the most popular memorial crosses which are normally used as grave markers. They are available in five standard sizes plus the Mega Memorial cross. As with all the wooden crosses they can be made in Oak, Iroko or Sapele. Oak is the most beautiful timber but needs more maintenance than Iroko which is full of its own oil. Sapele is a deep red timber, very similar to Mahogany.


The wording is engraved using a laser which burns the letters into the wood. There are lots of fonts to choose from. Images can also be added for that finishing touch.

Laser engraved wooden cross

Memorial Cross with Engraved Plaque


Engraved plaques can be fixed to any of the wooden crosses. They can span the width of the cross or be a smaller plaque centrally placed.


The black / dark bronze coloured anodised aluminium is very popular. It has the advantage of being low maintenance with small text and fine images easily engraved.


Other alternatives are acrylic laminate (available in several colour ways) or top quality engravers brass. The main disadvantage with brass is the fact that it must be regularly polished to look its best.

Wooden cross with engraved plaque

Wooden Cross with Full Colour Plaque


Full colour Italian Porcelain or Stainless Steel plaques add an extra dimension to the wooden memorial cross.  Different size plaques are used for each size of cross. These plaques are fired in a kiln, which makes them completely weather proof and fade resistant. They should not to be confused with inferior plaques  that are around and only last a couple of years.


The text is burnt into the wood using a laser. There are a large number of fonts to choose from and we can lay the wording out just the want you want.

Oak cross with full colour ceramic plaque

Wooden Cross with Cast Bronze Plaque


Cast bronze plaques are very beautiful and very hardwearing. They are also the most expensive! We normally make the rectangular plaques the same width as the timber the wooden cross is made in. Alternatively a heart shaped cast bronze plaque can be used in the centre of the cross.


The background colours are black, brown green and blue. The size of the plaque does depend on the size of the cross.

Wooden crosses with cast bronze plaques

The Mega Memorial Cross


Our carpenter discovered these super size wooden crosses in a wartime graveyard in Jersey. They were designed to hold several plaques. We have refined the design to enable us to laser the cross or attached the plaques.


This really is a very heavy duty wooden cross indeed. It is held in the ground with twp wrought iron spikes.  It has two different sides either of which can be used as the front. There is a flat side for lasering or attaching plaques and an angled side only suitable for lasering.   More Information

Super sized mega memorial cross

Memorial Cross on Wooden Plinth


For these we use a smaller version of the mega cross which has the angled finish. We can laser the wording and or images on either side of the cross or we can laser any other part of the cross. Once the cross has been made it is mounted on a double plinth.


Although the plinth has a substancial weight we would suggest the use of two groun spikes to hold it firmly in the ground and stop it being blown over.

Cross with plinth

Plain Wooden Crosses


As well as crosses with wording we also make wooden cross to send out plain - without text or plaques. These are usually made for other sign makers, engravers and funeral directors. If the order is for five wooden crosses in mixed sizes there is a 10% discount or for ten there is a 20% discount.


These can also be made with a wooden base to be free standing.


They can be made in any of the timbers - Oak, Iroko or Sapele. They can be sent untreated or treated with Osmo oil.

Plain wooden crosses

The Painted Oak Cross


The white wooden crosses are reminiscent of wartime graveyards. The crosses are made in oak and then spray painted with an industrial paint which has a much longer life span than normal brush-on paints. It is also much tougher and less likely to mark. As well as white we also use grey and black.


The painted cross can either have a plaque attached or lettering painted onto the cross. Lettering is available in black, white, grey or blue. Images can also be painted onto the cross as required.


White Painted Wooden Cross

Wooden Altar Cross


Our carpenters can make a wooden alter cross to suit your requirements. The small  or medium sized standard crosses are the most popular. We usually make them in oak and without text or images. However they can also laser engraved before the base is assembled.


The base is made in the same timber as the cross and can be a single or double style plinth.

Wooden Altar Cross
We do our very best to make your Wooden Memorial Cross just the way you want it!