Stone Memorials, Plaques and Tablets cut from Slate and Granite

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Stone Memorials

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Slate and Granite Memorials

  • Beautiful stone memorial plaques and tablets cut from slate and granite
  • Cut to size in 12mm, 20mm, 30mm & 50mm slate and 20mm & 30mm granite
  • We make it just the way you want it with huge selection of fonts and images


Slate Memorials


Slate is a beautiful stone with lovely natural markings. It is available in three thicknesses - 12mm, 20mm, 30mm & 50mm and we can cut it to any size you want. The 12mm is ideal for smaller wall mounted slate memorial plaques and the 50mm is used for slate memorial tablets or lawn memorials.


When we receive an order the designer will create the design to your specifications. If requested a proof can be sent out to make sure it is just the way you want it. A stencil is cut from a special rubber and the memorials moves to the workshop to be sandblasted.


Many stone memorials are left unpainted, but if you want the wording to stand out it can be painted in a number of different colours. White, gold and black are the most popular.


If you prefer not to have natural markings in the stone or need small text, slate corian might be preferable - see below

Slate Memorials

Granite Memorials


The granite memorials are available in two thicknesses - 20mm and 30mm, and six colours. Granite is much harder than slate and the surface can be highly polished. As with slate memorials we can cut granite memorials to any size.


The lettering is sandblasted into the sign and it is then painted. As well as a large choices of fonts there is a huge library of images to add to your wording. The small letter size for granite is 20mm high.

Granite Memorial

Slate Memorial with Full Colour Insert


The colour photo adds a new dimension to the slate memorial. The colour image is on a porcelain plaque which is weather proof and frost proof. It has been fired in a kiln and is also very resistant to fading.


The plaque is inset into the slate for a very attractive memorial indeed. We have a number of standard sizes but as always we will make it just the way you want it.

Slate Memorial with Porcelain insert

Stone Like Corian

Although corian isn't actually stone, it does look and feel like stone. This is because it is made from stone dust bonded with a resin. It will have a more uniform appearance than stone without natural marks or features and we find many of our customers prefer this.


We often use it for memorial plaques as it has advantages over stone in that the wording can be smaller and detailed images used.

Engraved memorial plaque in corian

We do our very best to make your Granite, Slate or Stone Memorial just the way you want it!