Backing Boards, Tree Stakes and Plaque Holders for Memorial Plaques

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Tree stakes and backing boards

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Great Selection of Backing Boards and Tree Stakes

  • Choose a backing board and maybe a tree stake to display your memorial plaque at its best
  • Tree stakes made on site to suit your requirements and to suit your budget
  • Sturdy plaque holders for large memorial plaques.

Wooden Backing Boards


Wooden backing boards are made on site to suit any size of memorial plaque. They can be made in various timbers. Oak is very beautiful but will need to be oiled to keep it that way. This is also the case for Sapele - a red coloured wood similar to mahogany. Iroko is full of oil so needs less maintenance.


As well as different timbers there are different finishes. The black finish looks amazing with a modern stainless steel plaque. Finally you can choose the edge style.

Memorial plaque on wooden backing board

Corian Backing Boards


Instead of a wooden backing board you can choose stone like corian. It has an advantage in that maintenance is not required. There are fifteen lovely colours to choose from.


The backing board is supplied with holes to screw to a wall. The memorial plaque is then fixed to the backing board with exterior grade double sided tape. If you want to fix to a tree stake we embed stainless steel inserts.

Corian backing board

Metal Tree Stakes and Plaque Holders


The cheapest metal tree stake is the wrought iron spike which is made by our blacksmith. It is simple and elegant.


Another option is the professional angle iron tree stakes. These are supplied with a fixing pin which can be used when mounting in concrete. They are well made and powder coated black.


Finally we have the larger wrought iron plaque holders.

Metal Tree Stakes

Wooden Tree Stakes and Posts


Wooden tree stakes are cheaper than metal tree stakes. We make them in oak, sapele or iroko and they can be oiled, varnished or painted black.


There are several standard styles including a cost effective all-in-one backing board/tree stake. However, as always our carpenters can make them just the way you want them.

Wooden tree stakes and posts

Plaque Holder with Memorial Plaque


This option of a sturdy molded plaque holder with tree stake includes the plaque as well. It is a very good value option which still looks very attractive.


The memorial plaques can be made in various materials and include stainless steel, black aluminium (as shown in photo to the left), traditional brass and acrylic.

Memorial plaque holder with plaque
We do our very best to make your Memorial Plaque just the way you want it!