Solid Wood Ash Caskets and Wooden Urns made in Oak and Mahogany

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Wooden Ash Caskets

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Wooden Ash Caskets with or without plaques

  • Beautifully made wooden caskets in Oak or Mahogany
  • Can be supplied blank, with engraved plaque or with wording lasered into the top.
  • Fixing screws concealed in the base so no fixings are to be seen.


Plain Wood Ash Caskets


These superbly made ash caskets are available in both oak and mahogany in a number of shapes and sizes. It should be pointed out that they are all made in solid wood not a cheap veneer.


There are no visible fixings as it is the bottom not the top which is unscrewed to put in the ashes. On some caskets we are able to fix the bottom with dowels instead of screws for woodland burial sites.


The wood is beautifully finished.

Ash Caskets with Plaques

Wooden Ash Caskets with Engraved Plaque


On any of the ash caskets we can attached an engraved plaque. Traditionally brass is used for memorial plaques and we do engrave plaques in top quality engravers brass.


In addition we use a brass or stainless steel effect acrylic laminate which has the advantage of not tarnishing. Also available are black or dark bronze anodised aluminium, where the silver/white lettering is lasered. These plaques can have lots of small text or very fine detailed images.


There are hundreds of standard images and borders to choose from or you can supply your own.

Wooden Ash Casket with Brass Plaque

Oak Ash Caskets with Lasered Wording


On three of the oak ash caskets we are able to burn lettering and images into the fixed lid. The wording can be simple or detailed as required. Images or a border can also be included.


In addition for woodland burial sites where metal is not permitted we can provide dowel fixings instead of the normal screws.

Oak casket with lasered text

Wood Caskets with Full Colour Ceramic Plaque


These can made in two ways. We can use a smaller oval ceramic plaque and laser the wording into the wood. Alternatively we can use a larger rectangular ceramic plaque and include the lettering on the plaque itself.


Either way they both look very attractive - the photo memorial just adding an extra dimension to your wooden ash casket. The ceramic plaques are weather proof and frost proof.



We do our very best to make your Wooden Ash Casket just the way you want it!