Engraved Wood Memorials & Wooden Memorial Plaques in Variety of Timbers

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Wooden Memorial Plaque

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Engraved Wooden Memorial Plaques

  • Wooden memorials can be made in various woods - Oak, Iroko, Sapele, Opepe and Balau
  • The plaques can cut to any size and most shapes - Oval, Rounds, Hearts
  • The memorial can be laid out just the way you want using large selection of fonts and images

Rectangular Wooden Plaques


Most wooden memorials are engraved using a laser which burns the lettering and images into the timber. Except maybe on larger plaques, paint fill is unnecessary.  Large wood memorials can also be created using a CNC router to carve the lettering.


Oak and Iroko are the timbers most often used for memorial plaques. Oak is very beautiful but will need to be treated more often than Iroko which is full of its own oil.

Wooden Memorial Plaques

Shaped Wooden Plaque


As well as the usual rectangular memorials we can cut the wooden plaque to almost any simple shape. Hearts, rounds and ovals are the most popular. These can be cut to any size and in any of our timbers.

Shaped wooden Memorial

Posts and Tree Stakes


Many people want the wooden memorial plaque mounted onto a post or tree stake. We have a large selection of posts and tree stakes to choose from.


The most popular is the simple wrought iron spike made by our blacksmith. We also have powder coated angle iron stakes and larger wrought iron plaque holders.


There is a selection of wooden tree stakes and posts which can be made to match your plaque. For woodland burials where metal is not permitted we can make an angled 3" x 3" oak posts, the plaque being fitted to the posts with wooden dowels.

Posts and Tree Stakes for Wooden Plaques

Wooden Memorial Tablet


These memorial tablets are made from a very heavy wood known as Balau. As well as being heavy they are also exceptionally durable, as they are full of their own oil.


The text is engraved into the tablet using either a laser or CNC router, depending on the size of the text and images. We have a large selection of fonts to choose from, along with a huge number of images.


These wooden memorial tablets are ideal when set into a lawn or used at a woodland burial site where no stone or metal is allowed.

Wooden Memorial Tablet

Full Colour Metal Memorial set into Plaque


A small colour portrait set into the plaque has been the norm in Europe for a long time but has only started growing in popularity in this country more recently.


It was actually one of our customers who first asked us to insert a photo into a wooden plaque. Having made it, we decided that it looked so good we would offer it to our customers as standard.


The photo plaque itself can be made from anodised aluminium or stainless steel. Both are frost proof and weather proof.


Wooden plaque with photo inset

Porcelain Memorial on Wooden Plaque


Porcelain photo memorials are cheaper than metal ones and are still completely weatherproof. They have a more three dimensional appearance as they are slightly domed. We also have one style of plaque that is actually in 3D.


There is a range of tree stakes which can be used to display the plaque in a garden or near a tree or bush.


The photo can be converted to black and white or sepia. Backgrounds can also be removed.

Wooden plaque with ceramic photo
We do our very best to make your Wooden Memorial Plaque just the way you want it!