Memorials made in Wood for Woodland Burial Sites

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Wooden Memorials for Woodland Burial Sites

Many woodland burial sites allow placement of memorials and memorial plaques as long as they are made entirely of wood. We have listed a number of suggestions below, but as always our carpenters can make a wooden memorial just the way you want it.


  • Wooden memorials made from beautiful Oak or oil rich Iroko, Opepe or Balau for less maintenance
  • All made without any metal fittings or fixings so suitable for all woodland sites
  • Lettering can be simple engraved or it can be paint filled as required.

Wooden Plaque on Wooden Posts


For woodland burial sites we use a 3" x 3"(75mm x 75mm) oak post and attach the wooden plaque to it at a 45 degree angle using wooden dowels.


The plaque itself can be made in a variety of timbers and to any size. The 100mm x 150mm is the most popular. You can even have the plaque shaped - the wooden heart plaque being a big favourite.


You choose the wording, the font, the layout along with an image should you require one. We make it just the way you want it!


The lettering is normally laser engraved into the wooden. As the words are burnt into the timber it does not need to be painted. Plaques are normally finished with Danish Oil or Osmo Oil but can be sent untreated if required.


Wooden Memorial Tablet


These memorial tablets are made from a very heavy wood known as Balau. This timber is not only very heavy but it is also exceptionally durable, as it is full of its own oil.


The text is engraved into the tablet using either a laser or CNC router, depending on the detail required. We do have a large number of fonts from which to choose, along with a huge selection of images.


These wooden memorial tablets are frequently used at a woodland burial site where no stone or metal is allowed.

Wooden Memorial Tablet

Wooden Headstone


This is a fairly new product and probably should not be call a headstone as it is made of wood!


It is completely made of wood with the headstone fixed to the base with wooden dowels. The optional vase insert is not wood though.


We use the balau wood as it is so heavy and durable. However if an oak headstone was requested we would make it.


We also sell these blank for other masons.


Wooden Cross


Our wooden crosses are all made onsite to order. Although there are six standard sizes they can be made to any size. They can also be made in various timbers. Oak is very beautiful but does need oiling more often to keep it fresh and clean looking. Iroko and Opepe are full of there own oil so need less maintenance.


The text and images are burnt into the wood using a laser so paintfill is not necessary, but available if required. The wording, the layout and the images is entirely up to you. On the other hand you may prefer to give the designers the wording and leave them to do what they are good at.

Wooden Cross

We do our very best to make your Woodland Memorial just the way you want it!