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UK Memorials made by The Sign Maker

The Mega Memorial Cross

This is our largest standard wooden memorial cross. It is very impressive and has a substantial weight to it. The thickness of the timber is approximately 45mm and the overall sizes are shown below.

Wooden Cross Size

Images – Rose FS078,  Celtic Cross , Climbing Ivy

The mega cross has two different sides either of which can be used as the front.

The angled cross as shown above is very attractive but has a smaller area for the text – 450mm x 70mm

The flat side as shown on the left has a much larger area for the text and images – 520mm x 140mm

The cross can also be purchased plain (no text or images), for one or more plaques which would normally be screwed to the flat side. Cost £215

The wooden crosses in the photographs are made of oak but we could just as easily make them from Iroko which is an oil rich timber needing less maintenance.

The basic price includes 50 letters. Extra letters are charged @ £3 per 50. If you require a wooden cross with images but no text – calulate the total cost and deduct £25

As the letters are burnt into the wood using a laser paint fill is not necessary. However we can paint fill the letters black to make them stand out more. We can also include different colours on the images as shown on the left. Cost £7.50 per colour.

Basic cost including
wrought iron support spike
P&P rate – K

Images costs depends on lasering time. 

Image Size Cost
Less than 100mm £4.95
100mm – 200mm £8.25
200mm – 300mm £12.75

There are no artwork charges if using our standard images  but we can also use your images. The artwork cost for a vector image is £6.95 and for a bitmap file eg jpg, png, gif is £14.95.

The Wrought Iron
Support Spike

Overall Height – 570mm
Overall Width – 145mm

The wooden cross is normally supplied with a heavy duty wrought iron support spike which is hand made by our blacksmith.  This is fixed to the back of the cross. This has a big advantage in that it keeps the timber off the ground, thus increasing its life span.

However if the support spike is not to your liking we can add an extra 300mm of timber to bury in the ground. The cost would be £250

It is also possible to buy the support spike alone for use with other crosses – £55

All Oak Crosses are finished with Osmo Oil and Iroko Crosses with Danish Oil. Discounts for multiple orders.

If you would like to place order or check the price, fill in the details on our Order Contact Form

We will confirm the cost. Providing it is acceptable, you can pay by card, by BACS or send a cheque.

We do our very best to make your Mega Memorial Cross just the way you want it!