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Welcome back to our blog, we hope you are all well. Today we wanted to bring you a blog about Lawn Memorials and the different types we make. 

What are Lawn Memorials

Lawn memorials are thicker stone or wooden plaques that are placed in lawn areas to remember and cherish a loved one. They are very in keeping with the natural surroundings that they are so often placed in. Some natural burial sites will allow lawn memorials but others choose to celebrate their loved one in gardens or sentimental places and a lawn memorial is a beautiful way to do this. 

The Types of Lawn Memorials we craft

When it comes to lawn memorials here at UK Memorials we craft either wooden or stone lawn memorials. Both are beautiful materials with very different qualities, but both can be truly bespoke and unique thanks to the help of our highly skilled designer who can help to create a lovely design. 

Wooden Lawn Memorials

Our wooden lawn memorials are made onsite by our skilled carpenters from raw timber to finished memorials. You can choose to have your lawn memorial in one of three beautiful timbers Oak, Iroko and Balau. 

Oak is very traditional with a beautiful grain. It is a very hard and durable timber but just like all timber does require regular maintenance to keep it from water damage. With Oak, we will either treat with Satin Varnish or Devon Oil depending on your requirements. 

Oak lawn memorials are traditional material and a very popular choice here at UK Memorials.

Iroko is a stunning, rich timber with a pretty grain. Again this is a fantastic hardwood which is very stable and naturally oil which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use. Because it is so naturally oily we only treat with an oil and do not varnish. The colour in Iroko can vary from a light golden brown to a dark chocolate brown colour.

Iroko memorials show case a beautiful redish brown colour and weather well.

Finally, we have a timber called Balau. It is not as pretty as Oak but it is a very hard, stable wood that weathers well in wetter conditions. It is full of its own natural oils which makes it a good choice for lawn memorials. The colour will vary from a light yellow-brown to brown. 

The wooden memorials can have the wording/images simply lasered onto the wood which is a very popular option as it is very natural and provides a brown/burnt finish. While others like to have the wording/images painted. 

Balau Lawn memorials are an excellent choice due to their natural oils and longevity.

Stone Memorials

The other option available for lawn memorials is stone, here at UK Memorials we create stone lawn memorials in either slate or granite. Slate is a very popular choice because it has a very understated, elegant look. The slate lawn memorials can come in 20mm, 30mm, 50mm and 75mm thick and can be cut to virtually any size but we do have some standard/recommended sizes on our website. Some customers choose to simply have the wording blasted and left while others like to have the letters painted. We have a good selection of stock paint colours to choose from. Finally, with slate lawn memorials we recommend treating them with oil for a darker finish, however if you would prefer to have them left natural we can do this as well. 

Lovely, high-quality slate lawn memorials made in North Devon at UK Memorials.

As mentioned before we do also make lawn memorials from granite. We stock 4 main different granite colours including, Celtic Grey, Black, Classic Dark Grey and Kerula Green. Granite is a lovely, rich material that oozes quality. It comes in a range of thickness and sizes all of which can be seen on our website. Again, just like the slate some customers choose to have the lettering left natural while others choose to have it painted. Popular combinations include Black Granite with Gold lettering and Celtic Grey Granite with Black lettering. 

Beautiful, high quality granite memorials crafted by our Stone Masons here at UK Memorials.

Further Information 

We hope you have found today’s blog insightful and if you would like to know more about our lawn memorials contact us using any of the methods listed below.


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